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Features & Benefits

Easy Administration

MyCivic's backend is a user-friendly service that can be learned and operated without tech-support. Manage, track, update, reward and more... all from our easy-to-use admin interface.

Complete Integration

The cloud-based software engine easily integrates with most municipal CRM systems - you don't have to start from scratch to reap the benefits MyCivic offers. Issue reporting, requesting inspections, news & calendar RSS feeds, business directory, customer rewards, tracking and metrics, all built-in to MyCivic and integrated with your existing system.


Based in the Cloud, MyCivic is able to scale up or down to meet your specific member volume needs. Redundant, load-balanced server configuration allows for a near-perfect up-time for your heaviest loads.


The best decisions are made when using the best information. Our admin dashboard provides up-to-the-second details on behavior and activity within the site. Print and save report snapshots to track key campaigns or initiatives.

Language & Currency

MyCivic can speak almost any language and is comfortable working in any currency. If your location requires multiple languages; no problem! We will work seamlessly in your country and culture.

White Labeled or Branded

Whether you choose to offer the MyCivic brand as a service within your city, or prefer to leverage an existing brand, our system can be customized to suit your needs.

MyCity V3

The Most Comprehensive, Customizable Mobile App Platform Available

myCity V3

MyCity V3

The Most Comprehensive, Customizable
Mobile App Platform Available

myCity V3

Request Management

Engage Citizens, Track Requests In
Real-time From Start To Finish

Request Management

Business Directory

Promote Economic Development In Your Community And Provide Businesses With Essential Tools To Grow

Business Directory

Staff App

Connect Staff, Improve Communication, And
Streamline Procedures

staff app

Certificate Of Occupancy

Forms Easily Submitted And Managed From The Web Or A Mobile Device

Certificate Of Occupancy

Certificate Of Occupancy

Forms Easily Submitted And Managed From The Web Or
A Mobile Device

Our Process


Our team works with your key departments to define your specific project requirements and integrations. This includes branding, functionality, existing systems and processes as well as key deliverables and timelines. The end of Phase 1 results in a project plan incorporating all the input from your team and ours to ensure a great product integration.


After Phase 1 it's time to get building. Our team will integrate all of your needs into our application. Any customized work can be completed at this time. We create a staging space that allows your team to test out all functionality of the applications and collaboratively work with our team to ensure everything is meeting your expectations.


Once the application is ready for use, we work with your team to create a BETA test group that will be able to try out the platform with your unique configuration in place. We also work with your marketing, city works and technical departments to fully train all key team members on the functionality of the platform.


Now it's time for your audience to get involved! Our team will ensure a smooth and effective launch in sync with your marketing and audience communication programs. We will monitor every step of the push to live and continue to do so after launch to ensure a fantastic roll-out.


After you have launched MyCivic Apps (white-labelled or branded) in your organization, we are here to support you. On-going application updates and support are all covered. Our 24/7/365 up-time monitoring system and automated application testing alerts our team to any issues with the server or application.

Union App

For Union Workers, Agents and Union Halls

union app

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